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Letra de Alejandra Guzman - Eternamente Bella (en Ingles).

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Alejandra Guzman - Eternamente Bella (en Ingles) (Letra)

Please tell me again and again
i love you i love you baby
and always will
with such a foreign language
softens my legs
you have mouth sugar
i know that
that kiss with burns
venom and honey
i have no doubt changed
it is also and i like
so i be, for you, for you, by you
eternally beautiful, beautiful
a gypsy's spell
sere the enchanted princess
love you forever
desperately, desperately
eternamente bella, bella
and in the night of the iguana
i do a spell of a gypsy
to keep you always
desperately in love with my
shoot and are willing
to die for my
that ten selling so expensive
tell me because if
behind those glasses as black
what the hell you think
so is russian roulette
inhale value
that will serve the doubts
you like me
if i find something like
i take it and i think
from today i promise to be for you, for you, by you

Letra añadida por: Frank TonoSur Jr.

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