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Letra de Alejandra Guzman - Soy Solo Un Secreto (en Ingles).

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Alejandra Guzman - Soy Solo Un Secreto (en Ingles) (Letra)

I am not more flames

and you nublas in thinking
there is no longer more
a baul so full of memories

this loneliness that is to become a routine
in my life, which i am going to do
i with my guitar and your canteen in each

i am just a secret,
your inside,
ah every moment,
you appoint silent
and this is not ending

know how to love, but you also run
in the storm, my single hits me wind
i am not going to expect it rains again
in my body, the desire
electrical fire that melts and leaves, it ends

i am just a secret that your inside,
each time you appoint silent,
ah each time you appoint silent

i am just a secret that your inside
each time you appoint silent
and this is not ending

i go and come as eh eh deleted your messages and
and non ninth
i repent and you di quite some time
that is not going to stop until you find
the love of truth without being without being

i am just a secret that your inside
each time you appoint silent
and this is not ending

i am just a secret that your inside
each time you appoint silent
and this is not ending

Letra añadida por: Frank TonoSur Jr.

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