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Letra de Adrienne Bailon - My Broken Heart.

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Adrienne Bailon - My Broken Heart (Letra)

Thought my life'd be perfect
thought my life'd be fine
but when u came into my life
boy u changed my mind
i loved u so..
but i didnt know
u were just playing a game,
should have known ur so lame

but its no use anymore,
so i just lay on the floor and cry

my broken heart...
since we fell apart..
u were so far away..
and even today,
i still miss u even though..
u played me like a fool...
but im still broken inside

wish you could have told me,
that we'd never ever be,
u felt sorry for me
u got my hopes up
made it feel like a dream
but now ur just a thought since i woke up in a scream.

i never realy understood why we didnt last
but baby boy now,
i could say it was a blast


i was such a fool
could'a had ne one else
but i sat like a dummie and stuck with u
lemme be...
just forget about me
cuz my broken heart cant take this hurting away..
from the day we split apart

you came in my life
messed it up
then changed my mind
boy im not that kind

thought my life'd be perfect,
so i thought my life'd be....... fiine

Letra añadida por: Frank TonoSur Jr.

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