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Letra de Against Me! - Justin.

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Against Me! - Justin (Letra)

They're advertising on the tv.
"become a soldier,"
it's still high school politics, you know.
nothing's changed, jocks and assholes still
don't know shit about aesthetic.
i think i smell a rat.
we sold our revenge, now we're working for them.

where's the divide?

you know justin? well, justin's dead.
and yahoo won't let his family have access
to his e-mail account,
the news reporter said:
"i feel so bad for you, it's so awkward.
there's really nothing i can say,
[cut to commercial break]
merry christmas, happy holidays from network
and its affiliates."

so where's the divide?
where's the divide?
where's the divide?


Letra añadida por: Frank TonoSur Jr.

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