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Letra de Al Axy - Footprints.

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Al Axy - Footprints (Letra)

if you never look back you won’t see your footprints
the past lies behind with the things you’ve done
the future will always be waiting for you
hold on for a while ‘cause your dreams have come true

every day follows the other one
ain’t got no time for a break
i can’t remember the last time
i was writing just for fun
think i’m misunderstood by everyone
but in the end i’m wrong

there’s still a long way to the top
too many things and it won’t stop (i can’t stop)

repeat chorus

all night i work to succeed in nothing
although i am longing for sleep
accuse you of mistakes i made
only to cheat my whole world
if you want to climb the highest mountain
make sure you’ve got the time

i can’t wait to be set in stone
nobody’s here, i’m on my own (i’m alone)

repeat chorus

maybe sometimes it’s good to breathe
so hollywood needs to wait for me (wait for me)

repeat chorus 2x

Letra añadida por: Frank TonoSur Jr.


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